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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Is It Christmas Yet?

I hope not... This is all I have done of the Christmas socks for this year!  I have to get going on those or else make something else this year.
The conservatory is coming back to it's original style nicely.  I only have a little to take off of the top edge. 

I am going to go back to the original use.  I am going to put a bunch of small pots inside and get some seedlings going. 

As it was as a mini, was ok, but I think that I want it to be useful instead of just cute.
Now I have more stuff that I need to find new homes for. Can we say "Going around in circles."?
Tessie really doesn't care right now.  She is wandering from place to place looking for a new potions room.  She threw everything out of this room box(including two people) and made herself at home...

I took the day off and she took over the workroom.  She is tearing around and trying out everything that she can find that might suit her purposes for a potions lab.

You will notice that she has posted her favorite sign on my new label making tape...

She carries the broom (Or rides it).  She holds up the sign or sticks it to something and makes herself at home in which ever room box she is trying out.  So much for the She Shed!

I think that it is safer for me to just sit and knit for the rest of the day.

Back to the needles. 

See you tomorrow.

Monday, August 21, 2017

A Little of Everything...

I went in and started looking in plastic boxes this morning...

I shouldn't have done that. It just reminds me of how far behind I am on doing projects.

I am not getting into makeup... I just bought the kits at after Christmas sales at Walmart a few years ago.  I was thinking that the metal liners of these make up trays would make great cookie sheets, cake pans and other metal goodies.  They will.  If I ever get to it and do it.
One of my good friends back in Illinois and another one here, knew that I would like these gourds and seed pods to make baskets.  It may take a while, but I am going to get them all done one of these days... A little at a time.
 I can put fruit in all of the baskets...  These are also from Walmart. It was back when they had big bunches of flowers, leaves and berries for 89 cents.  I am ready to fill most of the above baskets! The ones in the sacks are stamens for building flowers around.

Someday soon!

 This it the stuff that I took out of Tessie's store to make her sewing hut.  She made me do it, but now I have nowhere to put the hats and other stuff that was in it.

This was stuff that I was saving for a kid's closet... I used the structure for something else...

These are the boxes that I was going through to find the above stuff...

I have not gotten half way through yet. 

Some of them are for full sized things like thimble cases and spirit bags.

In the middle of the search, I stopped and we went to see "The Hitman's Bodyguard." Good movie!  Just not conducive to getting any of my room cleaned... Oh Well.... 
After I get the above boxes cleaned out... These are next.

I am not even going to tell you what the labels say.  Mostly supplies... Thank goodness!  Not boxes where each one represents a room that has not been done yet...

Supplies I can handle... Just not whole rooms that were planned and not even started.

Back to the room.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Moving Again...

Right now Zar's He Shed is sitting on the worktable in the bedroom.  I still have to finish the doors on it. 

I also noticed that there is a crack between the roof and the wall on the right hand side that needs to be fixed.

Other than that, it is pretty much finished...
Tessie's is officially finished.  She will probably talk Zar into trading places.  His sits where he can see the TV.  Hers sits next to it... Can't see a thing.

The only thing that she can watch is Kota, taking a nap on the bed...
Kota is not watching anything.  It's nap time.

He knows where to nap.  That spot is right next to me on the bed when I am working on needlework... Exactly a foot from my left hand. 

That is the hand that he knows will reach out and pet him when he needs it.
I moved the craft cottage into the family room.

That makes a lot less furniture in the bedroom.

Since I moved the conservatory to the back porch, I had a hole under the window. Thus the move.

I have been working on the big Rya that I started as a second try. It is coming out pretty good. I might just talk Tessie into putting it in a new potions room.  She is without a place to mix things at present... It won't be long before she is yelling and complaining about no workspace.

I guess that I should think of something to do with the stuff from her old workroom.  Just as soon as I finish cleaning mine.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Finishing the Rya...

I decided to make a small throw rug, instead of pillows. I made it as big as I could on the canvas that I started it on. Now to finish it.

This is how you go about it. 

First I trimmed the edges three rows from the rug all the way around.

Then I cut a diagonal on all four corners.

I intentionally left the last two threads in all of the corners.  To be trimmed after putting on
the glue and the clips.

I put the glue on the unfinished edges of the rug.  NOT on the rug itself.  That way, it will not gum up the nap on the rug.

Then I turned under all of the edges, long sides first, then the short, and clipped them with hair clips. 

I haven't seen the clips in the hair care section of Walmart in a long time.  The other day I did find them in the jewelry section.  People are
decorating them to wear in their hair. 

Just in case you go to look for them, try the jewelry making section if they can't be found in the hair care section.

Anyway, after the rug is dry, take them off and turn the rug right side up and use your toothbrush to brush the edges outward.

If you turn it back over, you will see that it sticks out on all four sides.

Of course, after all that work, guess who has the rug?...

Yup. It's in front of Tessie's She Shed.  Nope. It doesn't match, but that's not what matters...

What matters is that "Possession is nine points of the law."... Anyway, that's Tessie's story and she's sticking with it.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Going in Circles...

I decided to make a small throw rug out of the red rya.  I got almost half of it done yesterday. 

It will not go with what I am doing to Tessie's She Shed, but she is claiming it anyway and on top of that, she is claiming that she did the work on it!

I quit.  If she wants the rest done, let her do it!
I went next door to see what was happening at Zar's He Shed... Tessie dumped the leftover material in his shed.  She still has not collected her paraphernalia for potion mixing.  or the rest of her furnishings.  The pile just keeps getting higher...

I have been out all morning.  I stopped at one of the Dollar Tree stores.  See the bottle of Aliene's glue to the left of Zar's shed?  They have that size bottle for a dollar. It is a nice size to carry along if you are going somewhere that you need glue.  I bought two bottles.  I figure that I can buy one of the big bottles that I usually buy and refill them when they run out.
Back to Tessie. When I returned home, I went to put the glue bottles in the workroom...

Tessie had been there before me!  The room did NOT look like this when I left the house.  She has been at it again. 

Between putting things back where they don't belong and dragging things out to look for other things, she has gotten it right back where it was when I started cleaning...

I am going to spend the day fixing what she messed up.  I am going to have to forbid her from trespassing in that room when I am not here!  That's all there is to it.  I leave for a couple of hours and she spends the time looking for things in the Mom Store. I give up. 

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rya Rug Instructions Here!

I came up with this idea at one of those three o'clock in the morning moments...

If you try this, please give credit where credit is due.  I don't think that anybody else is doing this.

The canvas that I am working on is called waste canvas.  It is used to do cross stitch on any kind of fabric.  This particular #14 waste canvas can be gotten at Michael's or any store that carries needlework supplies.

It is very inexpensive and can be used for a number of things if you tire of making rugs and pillows.

Anyway, the first thing you do is get a pencil and draw off the project that you want to make.

In this case, I decided to make a couple of pillows. This will give you an idea of how to go about it.

The reason for using this canvas is, it's the smallest double threaded canvas that I could find and it has guide lines in blue for every five rows.

You will be using embroidery thread (three strands) to do this.
I cut my threads in yard long pieces.  The part that you see done in these photos took one yard long piece.  I split it into two groups of three threads. 

The first photo shows that you start at the lower left of the project.  I am just giving right handed instructions.  If you are left handed I imagine that you would start at the bottom right.

You put your needle under the left thread of the first pair of vertical threads, from right to left.  You will always be using the needle in the same direction.

Holding the tail with your left thumb, pull the thread through. Then still holding the tail, put you needle under the right thread of the pair and draw it through. 

You should go under the thread that you just put through. This will make a larks head knot. It is the same one that is used to make latch hook rugs.

Now you insert a #1 or #2 knitting needle under the row that you are going to work on.

Pull the thread behind the needle and start making another larks head.  First through the left and then through the right.

This should  result in the second larks head knot.

Again put the thread behind the knitting needle and do it again... And again...And again. Until
you get to the end of the row. The whole row will be topped by larks head knots. Pull the knitting needle out. Cut the thread to finish the row.    You should have a loop between each of the knots. 
 If you run out of thread in the middle of a row, simply rethread your needle with new thread and keep going.  You will not have a loop in that particular spot. Just be sure to leave a tail on the old thread and a tail on the new thread.

When you finish a row take a small pair of scissors and carefully cut all of the loops at the middle. 
 Then brush all of the fringe down with a toothbrush. 

Start the next row in the holes above the knots.  If you look at the back, you will see two threads between the rows.  It doesn't show to clearly from the front.
Of course Tessie grabs the project every time I put it down and starts petting it... Guess who wants the new pillows?

The part that I have done in the photo with Tessie is how much one yard of thread, split in half, will cover.

If you want to do a large rug, you will need a lot more skeins. 

One yard equals about one square inch.

I will leave you with this much information today.  Tomorrow, I will show you how to finish your project.  Good luck and have fun. 

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Make Curtains NOW!

When I got home from the Wednesday Witches meeting today, Tessie was waiting for me...

She was sitting in her She Shed with a vanity tray, doing her hair and nails. 

It was a hint to do her hair like I promised...
I looked closer and she had the fabric that was left over from her one woman chair and footstool propped up behind her against the window...

I suppose that she was hinting LOUDLY!

she wants the She Shed done as a place to do absolutely nothing.  She just wants it to be a place to watch TV and do her nails.

I have a feeling that she is going to win...
I looked next door and Zar had most of her potion making paraphernalia  scattered on his front deck.

Maybe I can talk him into learning to make potions.  It seems that Tessie is not at all interested in it being in her She Shed.

I doubt that he will want them there either.

Very large dilemma..

I am not making another She or He Shed at this time!

I am working on Tessie's rug... Which no longer goes with what she has in her She Shed. 

I wonder if Zar would like to trade.  His rug would go better with hers.

How do I get into these messes... I think it might be there are too many mini people with a lot of time on their hands... And me with not enough time on my hands. 

As soon as I finish this rug, I am going to try to do instructions on the blog.  Hang in there.  They are coming soon.

See you tomorrow.